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STATEMENT Limit: 500 words

My role as curator, director, storyteller, and collaborator is a conductor standing at the front of an asymmetrical orchestra listening to untold tales and unheard histories encouraging these notes to form in unison catalyzing a cacophonous symphony. I value centering historically marginalized stories. Encouraging mythology-making with conviction and allowing pathways for people to access their discomfort in a comfortable way. Making space for radical joy, radical play, and innovation. Listening to each other’s experiential knowledge and decision making in a collective way in order to move us toward a more equitable future. As an individual, I am dedicated to a lifetime of listening and learning. As a white individual, I am dedicated to unlearning biases and perpetuating anti-racism in the spaces around me. I vow to listen, to learn from the members of our families.

My practice is multidisciplinary—I am a performer, I am a visual artist, a soundmaker, a writer. I am a curator. A director. A community builder. I am a poet. In this process of gaining and maintaining these titles I’ve gifted myself, I give myself permission to fail. I expect myself to handle the stress that comes with pursuing the path of my dreams. And in these failures, I will learn. I will continue to practice. I will move forth, proceed, persevere. And continue. For there is nothing in this world that can make me feel that my worth and potential are any less expansive than our ever-expanding universe.

As a leader in the arts— I believe in a future of mutual creative support. My role as captain dream schemer (or in other word “Director”) at the neighbors, a fostered community of artists and curatorial collective, is a performance piece. the neighbors is a production. Like my entire body of work, this project is about intimacy. It is not about the inability to hear that heartbeat in their chest miles away. It's about knowing that beating heart is sonic all the same.

Thump thump

is the sound of our footfalls

as our feet hit the earth and we move closer.


is the sound of our open minds

colliding with your performance histories.

I believe in storytelling. I encourage passing gorgeous nothings, holding up this sweetness as weightless stones cloaked in bird feathers. Our stories take flight. When I say, my practice is a flying machine, I mean one that is lifted by collective human will. I mean a community. And when we will visions into physicality. When we speak to each other, listen to each other, we reflect each other in a mirror which is so expansive, we are humbled by its gentle horizon line. Over those mountains is yet to be seen, though we know there is more landscape to see over there, so we traverse this path— together.

Sound Design by Paige Alice Naylor
Writing and Performance by llio sophia

Video Composition by llio sophia